20. March 2023

Renexpo Interhydro – The information hub driving European hydropower

Renexpo Interhydro – The information hub driving European hydropower

The Renexpo Interhydro fair is scheduled to take place at Messezentrum Salzburg on 30th and 31st March 2023, to provide a comprehensive overview of current European policies, and market and industry developments in hydropower. The central focus will be on products, services and solutions that make a key contribution to a sustainable, secure and competitive energy mix. Exhibitors and trade visitors exploit the benefits of this 2-day event as a hub for networking and sharing information.

MZS Managing Director DI (FH) Alexander Kribus, MBA, explains: "The European energy market has become disorganised. Major geopolitical changes and concomitant strategic measures have made it increasingly difficult to plan. As the central pillar of Alpine energy generation, hydropower has a decisive role to play. The long-term perspectives for, and the black start capabilities of hydropower – mean we possess an asset that demands further development. Renexpo Interhydro is here to facilitate and provide impetus for the necessary growth.”

European industry gathering

The entire portfolio of renewable energy resources is represented by around 60 exhibitors, with companies from eight nations presenting trends and innovations in ten areas of expertise – from planning to water catchment, types of power plant to water protection – and all associated services.

Practical and dialogue-oriented

Trade fair visitors benefit from an extensive supporting programme of practice-relevant lectures, keynote speeches and discussion sessions. Lighthouse projects and examples of best-practices are featured alongside opportunities to converse with political decision-makers, commercial executives, and NGOs – for a constructive and informative meeting of all stakeholders in the water sector.

Programme highlights

The programme lifts off with a topical and future-oriented discussion on energy featuring representatives of BMK Austria, the Bavarian Parliament, the Austrian Small Hydropower Association, and the Province of Salzburg: "Guaranteed supply and energy independence via hydropower. How can it be achieved?" Similarly, there will be a discussion with expert participants from Austria, Bavaria and Italy on how circumstances have changed: "One year of the energy crisis. What about hydropower?" Martin Moder is a molecular biologist, famous as a member of the scientific cabaret group "Science Busters". He will be giving a guest performance in Salzburg, presenting his keynote address "Climate crisis finally solved".

Detailed programme information: https://www.renexpo-interhydro.eu/de/programm/hydro-forum/

Hydropower Operator’s Day

On 30th March, an operators' day within the trade fair is to deal with the "Promotion and Expansion of Hydropower" for hydropower plant operators from Austria and Bavaria in cooperation with the Austrian Small Hydropower Association, the Province of Salzburg, the Bavarian Hydropower Association LVBW e.G. and the Association of Hydropower Plants in Bavaria e.V. (VWB).

Detailed programme information: https://www.renexpo-interhydro.eu/de/programm/betreibertag-wasserkraft/

EREF reports on EU legislation and HYPOSO

The European Renewable Energies Federation is the representative body of national renewable energy associations within EU member states. HYPOSO (Hydropower Solutions) is an EU project that promotes the expansion and development of small-scale hydropower generation in Africa and Latin America, and hosts a B2B matchmaking event on the first day of the fair. European companies looking to invest or supply equipment are brought together with the right contacts from African countries. On the second day, EREF will provide information on new legislative developments within the EU resulting from the European Green Deal and the REPowerEU initiative for the hydropower sector. The new EU hydropower projects "ETIP Hydropower" and "PEN@Hydropower" will be introduced here, too.

Detailed programme information: https://www.renexpo-interhydro.eu/de/programm/eref/

At the two-day event, both visitors and exhibitors benefit from the high concentration of experts and varying approaches to the subject of hydro-electrics. Hydropower professionals provide a profound pool of knowledge that can be used to drive innovation.

All items in the programme can be accessed with the fair admission ticket and without registration.


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