Thank you for your interest in our trade fairs and events!

You would like to be accredited for one of our trade fairs or events?

Then please follow this link, select the desired event and choose press - "one-day accreditation" and follow the instructions of our ticketing system.

Please send us your accreditation request at least 1 week before the start of the event so that we can ensure that your accreditation is checked.

Please note that we can only grant accreditation for the purpose of current journalistic reporting.

In addition, we ask for your understanding that accreditations will only be issued to a limited extent and after your data has been checked, exclusively via the respective online ticket shop (no issue of press tickets on site).

Accreditation guidelines

For accreditation, we need your valid press card from a domestic or foreign journalists' association. However, the corresponding proof alone is not the sole basis for an accreditation. In addition, a journalistic or photojournalistic activity with current reference to our company or our events must be proven.

  • By submitting your current name article (not older than six months).
  • By submitting an imprint in which you appear as an editor or permanent editorial staff or author (not older than three months).
  • By submitting a written order from an editorial team with current reference to our events or our company.
  • Through a web link to meaningful online publications with an appropriate range, reference to our events or relevance for our company.
  • By presenting proof that you work for school newspapers or by presenting a valid ID from youth press organizations (not older than six months)

As a press representative at our events, we ask you to take note of the following points:

  • In individual cases, we reserve the right to also request the submission of a valid personal document with a photo.
  • There is no right to accreditation. If necessary, the trade fair organizer makes use of his domiciliary rights.
  • We are also happy to accredit media representatives who, although not up-to-date, can be shown to report regularly on relevant events and thus make a significant contribution to the success of our company in the media. Copies of the published articles are to be sent.
  • The submission of event-related documents can considerably accelerate the examination of your accreditation application and support a positive answer.

We look forward to receiving your supporting documents and reserve the right to request them.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot grant press accreditation if you:

  • cannot show any journalistic legitimation (e.g. as a sales manager, advertising manager, PR consultant, etc.)
  • are a private companion
  • submit a written assignment from a freelance journalist
  • are only active privately in social networks

Your press contact

Mag. Hansjörg Wechselberger MIM
Head of Marketing & Communications
Am Messezentrum 1
5020 Salzburg
T: +43 662 24 04 0