26. March 2024

Renexpo Interhydro at the centre of European hydropower

Once again, for two days last week, Salzburg Exhibition Centre was dominated by the topic of hydropower. The Renexpo Interhydro trade fair took place on the 21st and 22nd March. The key gathering for Europe's leading hydropower industry companies attracted 1,200 trade visitors, and a 15% increase in exhibitors, further underlining the topicality and relevance of sustainable hydropower energy production.

A stage for innovation, information & action

International exhibitors were on show serving the entire range of hydropower-sector offerings – from planning and production to service provision, large corporations to micro-enterprises. All the exhibitors offered specialisation and expertise in their respective fields. Visitors benefited from a central industry presence showcasing innovative technologies and industry news at a sophisticated networking event. The two-day trade fair was accompanied by a distinguished programme of presentations and on-stage events. Several hydropower professionals shared their expertise in selected subject areas, and took to the stage for talks and discussions.

Focus on exchange & dialogue

The 2024 trade fair programme featured over ten specialist presentations, addressing a broad range of topics – from ‘Hydropower: an important contribution to climate protection and climate adaptation’ to specific solutions for selected scenarios and challenges – as with ‘System design for the black start capability of a drinking water power plant’ and ‘When nothing else helps - possible solutions for ‘surplus’ electricity’. 

First up for visitors was the energy talk: ‘13 years of the energy transition: Where is the journey heading? Centralised vs. decentralised energy supply’. Austrian and Bavarian participants came from the worlds of business and politics. These included Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Gerhard Löffler (State of Salzburg), Dipl.-Ing. Herwig Struber, MSc (Salzburg AG), Florian Streibl (Bavarian Parliament) and Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Steinmaßl (LEE Bavaria). There was consensus that cross-border cooperation between the two countries was good, on the significance of social acceptance in the context of promoting renewable forms of energy, and on the implied importance of awareness regarding necessary expansion measures – particularly in rural areas. Dipl.-Ing. Dr Gerhard Löffler argued for the resolution of debates regarding climate change targets, and for the active implementation of measures, stating there was already awareness of what needs to be done, the necessary expertise was available and the technical prerequisites in place. Regarding investment, Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Steinmaßl emphasised the vital importance of early decision-making by authorities on feasibility, implementation and for planning reliability. Salzburg AG’s CEO DI Herwig Struber (MSc.), pleaded for sophisticated combination of centralised and decentralised forms of supply, rather than treating them as discrete approaches.

Hydropower study: #Wasserkraft2030 presents hydropower as the new game-changer

At the trade fair, Hans-Josef Fell – 100% Renewable Energy Ambassador and President of the Energy Watch Group, joined forces with Heinrich Strößenreuther – environmental and energy expert and the study’s co-author, and Dr Roland Steinhoff – Chairman of the Federal Association of German Hydropower Plants, to reveal the results of the #Wasserkraft2030 study. The study placed particular emphasis on the advantages of hydropower as a sustainable energy source: CO²-free, reliable production, key back-up function for lower-yield solar- and wind-energy power generation in the winter months, its contribution to disaster prevention in periods of flooding and droughts – and to regional value creation. The detailed study results can be downloaded free-of-charge here: https://energywatchgroup.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/Wasserkraft-Studie.pdf

Expert event: ‘River Management & Ecology’

A conference on river management and ecology was held in cooperation with vgbe energy e.V. and VÖU alongside the trade fair. The successful event attracted around 60 participants, including leading operators, manufacturers and suppliers, authorities, research institutes and other stakeholders to discuss important issues in river management and ecology.

Exhibitors praise visitor quality

Exhibitors reported a well-informed trade fair audience, promising discussions and contact with desired key target groups across the entirety of specialist areas.

The next edition of the Renexpo Interhydro fair is scheduled for the 27 and 28 March 2025.


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High level of interest in the lecture and stage programme
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f.l.t.r.: Florian Streibl, Hermann Steinmaßl, Constanze von Hassel, Alexander Kribus, Gerhard Löffler, Herwig Struber, Theodor Steidl
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