05. December 2018

RENEXPO INTERHYDRO 2018 - Security of supply through hydropower!

European associations appeal to politics to strengthen hydropower at the trade fair and congress RENEXPO INTERHYDRO 2018!

How hydropower contributes to a secure, sustainable, efficient energy supply based on renewable energies today and in the future, was the topic of many experts at the RENEXPO INTERHYDRO, Europe's meeting point for the hydropower industry on 29 and 30 November in the Salzburg Exhibition Center. With 125 exhibitors, 467 congress participants and 2,500 international visitors, the event continues its success story so far!

The RENEXPO INTERHYDRO has once again confirmed its status as the number one meeting point for hydropower in Europe this year. "We are very pleased that we have succeeded in bringing together the industry in Salzburg and addressing urgent issues and that hydropower needs to be further strengthened, especially with regard to the increasingly visible climatic changes with extreme drought on the one hand and catastrophic flooding on the other side!" Johann-Georg Röhm, Managing Director of REECO Austria GmbH, former organizer of RENEXPO INTERHYDRO.

Save the date: 28th and 29th of November 2019 - familiar faces from 2019 with new owner!

The new project team of the RENEXPO INTERHYDRO proved on the weekend of the trade fair and congress that it is already well prepared. After the announcement of the gentle presentation of the event in the hands of Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH, the team is already looking forward to the implementation of the upcoming event.

Michael Wagner, Managing Director of the Salzburg Exhibition Center: "We are very pleased that we can continue to deepen the knowledge that we have acquired accompanied by Mr. Röhm over the last 10 years about this platform. The topic of hydropower is not only socio-politically important, but also of particular importance in the province of Salzburg and of Austria! With the current project team we feel well prepared for the new role as organizer of the RENEXPO INTERHYDRO."

What does hydropower do? Advantages and key role!

In order to be able to continue to guarantee the current status quo of security of supply in the future energy system with a rapidly growing share of fluctuating renewable energies, a balance between over- and under-coverage in the electricity grid will be necessary. Hydropower plants as storable and flexible producers will play a central role here.

Hydropower is capable of both peak load and base load. Its fast start-up speed and extremely short reaction times enable them to respond quickly to network requirements. The power plants can be started or stopped in a short time, their production can be adjusted as needed. Hydropower can also provide additional system services such as voltage maintenance, black start capability (capable of sustaining coverage even with a large blackout), short circuit power and frequency stabilization and provide reserve capacity. This will give it a key role in security of supply in the future energy system.

Main topics and opening words

At this year's RENEXPO INTERHYDRO the topic of "Security of supply through hydropower" was in focus, for example at the opening and subsequent Energy Talk with renowned industry representatives such as Dr. Nicolaus Römer, Technical Director of Schluchseewerk AG and the chairman of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Alpine Wasserkraft (AGAW), Dr. Ing. Günther Rabensteiner; board member VERBUND Wasserkraft, Christoph Wagner; president of the Association of Small Hydro Power Austria, Hermann Steinmaßl, 3rd chairman of the Association of Hydroelectric Power Plants in Bavaria (VWB) and Sebastian Schönauer, Deputy Chairman of the BUND Conservation in Bavaria (BN) and spokesman of the AK Wasser im Association for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND).

Dr. Günther Rabensteiner, board member of VERBUND AG Vienna, affirmed: "Hydropower is the often forgotten source of renewable energy in the debate on the future of energy supply in Europe. However, it is the backbone of regenerative production. Concentrating on already existing power plants is our primary goal. Efficiency enhancement measures are in the foreground despite the already high degree of efficiency. There is a need to take measures to make hydropower highly efficient. "

There was agreement on the podium in the sense that politically it requires fair treatment of energy sources: wind, water and sun - knowing that any form of energy use inevitably leaves an ecological footprint.

In his opening speech, the patron, Deputy Governor Dr. Heinrich Schellhorn, confirmed the importance of hydropower for the province of Salzburg and the importance of the RENEXPO INTERHYDRO as an important meeting place for exchange and discussion. Climate protection and the energy transition throughout Europe can only be achieved by joining forces, said Schellhorn. It needs common actions and a broad exchange of knowledge, information and experience. In this respect the RENEXPO INTERHYDRO makes an important contribution to discuss the status quo and future necessary developments.

Associations from over 20 countries

Communicating and highlighting the advantages of hydropower more clearly, as well as strengthening its importance in the political environment, was a central theme at the 3rd meeting of the European Federation. At the EREF small hydropower association meeting the new legislation and the conceivable effects on plant operation and possible new business models were discussed.

The consensus of the associations representing over 20 European countries was that better networking, more communication in the public and media and that a stronger representation of European hydropower in Brussels are absolutely necessary.

Further information: www.renexpo-hydro.eu

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